Leadership & Committees

If you need to contact someone on this list please consult your St. Stephen’s Church Directory.  If you do not have one please contact the church office.  Email: ststephensmiddlebury@gmail.com  or  Phone: (802) 388-7200     


Officers of the Vestry

Senior Warden, Mike Davis 
Junior Warden, Tom Klemmer 
Treasurer, Barbara Stratton 
Clerk of the Vestry, Alice Van Tuyl
Recording Secretary, Cathy Sontum

Members Serving through 2020:

Mike Davis
Tom Klemmer
Alice Van Tuyl

Members Serving through 2021:

Carol Milkuhn
Jim Pugh
Steve Sontum

Members Serving through 2022:

Andrew Demshuk and Rebecca Mitchell – sharing one seat
Mary Jane Simpson
Michael Reeves

Diocesan Convention

Delegates,  Eric Davis, Jim Pugh, Sharon Tierra
Alternate Delegates, Susan Anderson-Ray, Glenn Fulop, Cathy Walsh


Adult Education, An Duclos, Meg Fitch, Sarah Horton, and Devon Jersild 
Children’s Education,  Ann Cooper, Beth Davis, Barb Wood 

Stewardship, Amy Hastings, Chair
Irv Cummings, John Hammer, Elizabeth Oettinger, Barb Stratton, and Winky Thomas
Finance, Carol Haraden, Elizabeth Oettinger, Co-Chairs
Dorothy Hayes, Barb Stratton, Cynthia Watters
Financial Secretary, Barb Wood
Pledge Secretary, Beth Stanway
Audit, Cynthia Watters, Chair
Beth Davis, Peter Dempewolff, and Dorothy Hayes

Fellowship, Beth Stanway and Linda Horn, C0-Chairs
Sandy Archibald, Beth, and Mike Davis, Clare Groby, Paul Horn, Tom Klemmer, Mary, and Ed McGuire, Ryan Nevius, Steve and Suzanne Snider, Winky Thomas, Becca Holbrook, and Mary Jane and Michael Simpson
Liturgy, Jay Parini, Chair
May Morris, Paul Nelson, Beth Stanway
Communications,  Mike Davis, Chair
Kitty Davis, Ryan Nevius

Altar Guild

Barb Wood, Chair

Lay Ministry

Coordinator for Ushers, Joe McVeigh
Coordinator for Lectors,  Intercessors, and Eucharistic Ministers,  Rex Stratton

Pastoral Care

Eucharistic Visitors, Jessica Hoagland, Coordinator
Ann Cooper, Judy Hamdi, Mark Hamdi, May Morris, and Tom Turley

Loaves and Fishes, Marge Drexler, Coordinator, and Steve Sontum, Driver
Additional Pastoral Lay Ministry Team Members, Jean Bergesen, Fred DeHaven, Dee Hodges, Sandy Ketcham, Barbara Kieran, Carol Milkuhn, May Morris, Elizabeth Oettinger, Emily Sunderman, Winky Thomas, Tom Turley, Cynthia Watters, Barb Wood


Peasant Market 2020 Co-Chairs,  Linda Horn, and Liz Cleveland 
Outreach Committee, Lonnie Fisher, Chair
Susan Anderson-Ray, Sharon DeHaven, Dee Hodges, Sandy Ketcham, Chree Perkins, Jane Reilly, Winky Thomas, Sharon Tierra, Barb Wood
Teen Center Liaison, Linda Horn
Community Lunch Coordinator, Sandy Ketcham 
Community Supper Coordinator, Tom Turley
Episcopal Relief & Development, Alice Van Tuyl
Helen Porter Services, Eric and Kitty Davis 


Editor, Mike Davis,  Associate Editor, Kitty Davis,  Editor Emerita,  Jennifer Nelson
News from the Pews,  Linda Horn,  

Programming and Administration

Columbarium, Tom Klemmer 
Librarian, Marjorie Lamberti
Foyer Coordinator, Paul Horn
Coffee Hour Scheduler, Barb Stratton