Many thanks to our interim clergy team: the Reverend Carole Wageman (Team Leader), the Very Reverend Diane Nancekivell, the Reverend Catherine Nichols, and the Reverend Larry Yarbrough. They have served our church while we were in the process of calling a new priest.  Our new Priest, the Reverend Paul V. Olsson will join us at the end of November, 2020. During the interval between the departure of our interim clergy and the arrival of our new Priest, please contact our office at 802.388.7200 for any pastoral care needs. Leave a message with Annemarie or on the answering machine, and one of us will return a call as soon as possible.  If you have a pastoral emergency, please contact our Senior Warden, Mike Davis.  His cell phone number is 802-989-9820.



The Reverend Paul Olsson 






Past Rectors of St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church Middlebury, Vermont

  Susan McGarry 2012-2018
  Terence Gleeson  2005-2011
  Catherine Nichols 1991-2004
  Addison Hall 1978-1990
  Stephen J. White 1974-1977
  John H. Smith 1969-1974
  Russell R. Ellis 1956-1969
  Harry H. Jones 1942-1955
  Charles G. Whiston 1938-1941
  Edward Knowles 1932-1937
  Edric Amory Weld 1927-1931
  R. Hailey Trill 1925-1927
  Frank H. Frisbie 1922-1924
  Elbert B. Homes 1917-1921
  John Evans Bold 1911-1917
  Francis M. Wilson 1908-1910
  William T. Forsythe 1899-1908
  David A. Bonnar 1895-1898
  Simon Blinn Blunt 1893-1895
  Thomas Bell 1890-1893
  Alva E. Carpenter 1883-1889
  William J. Tilley 1880-1883
  James T. Franklin 1877-1880
  J. Isham Bliss 1876-1877
  John H. Weddell 1875-1876
  William H. Collins 1873-1874
  William H. Lord 1871-1873
  Joseph W. McIlwaine 1869-1871
  Gemont Graves 1864-1869
  Henry M. Frost 1861-1863
  John E. Johnson 1860-1861
  William Thomas Webbe 1854-1860
  James Mulcahey 1849-1854
  W.W. Hickox 1847-1849
  Joseph T. Phillips 1843-1847
  Jedidiah Huntington 1842- 1843
  Jacob W. Diller 1838-1842
  William H. Hoit 1837-1838
  Samuel R. Crane 1835-1837
  Silas A. Crane  1830-1834
  Benjamin Bosworth Smith 1823-1828