Community Lunches

Each Monday the Community Lunch volunteers feed a full, nutritious, hot meal to anyone in our community who shows up at the church.   All are welcome; we are providing a place for those who seek food and socializing.   2018 marked the tenth year of St. Stephen’s participation in this Charter House Coalition program.  Attendance varies weekly, from highs of more than 40 to occasional lows of less than 20. In 2018, the average number of weekly meals served was 25.

Currently, we have a roster of five lunch coordinators:  Lonnie Fisher, May Morris, Chree Perkins, Winky Thomas, and Alice Van Tuyl.  They are usually assisted by two or more helpers.  Those helpers include Jean Bergesen, Barb and Mike Kieran, Ryan Nevius, Annette Norris, and Jane Reilly.  Because our lunch coordinators currently double up as needed lunchtime helpers, we hope to expand the number of people participating in our lunch service.  Sandy Ketcham organizes the Rota for both the Community Lunch and the Brown Bag Lunch Coordinators.











The Brown Bag Lunches are prepared on Mondays in our kitchen for distribution at HOPE and CVOEO; we create about 1,600 bag lunches a year. Each brown bag contains a sandwich, fruit, and cookies. Two people each week assemble and deliver 24 bag lunches to those agencies. Six additional bag lunches are made for onsite take-out, for a total of 30 weekly. Monday Bag Lunch Makers are Ann DeMong, Jessica Hoagland, Dee Hodges, Sarah Horton, Sandy Ketcham, Barb and Mike Kieran, Catherine Nichols, Chree Perkins, Bob Ruggiero, and Holly Stabler. Their efforts are supported by about two dozen people who are in a Rota organized by Sharon Tierra and take turns donating the sandwich fillings, fruit, and cookies that go into the bag lunches.

This food ministry is staffed by some long-serving volunteers who would enthusiastically welcome new members to help keep the program flourishing. If you are able and interested please contact Holly Stabler or May Morris.