Lay Ministry

Pastoral Lay Ministry at St. Stephen’s

Pastoral Lay Ministry acts as a bridge between committed volunteer parishioners and those who are experiencing difficult transitions, either through loss, relocation, illness or other problems. Members of this Ministry visit parishioners who are ill or homebound or in long term care.

  • Some provide a monthly Communion at Helen Porter.  Jessica Hoagland & Tom Turley 
  • Several are Eucharistic Visitors, able to provide communion at the direction of the clergy.  Contact Jessica Hoagland 
  • Some participate/lead the Fourth Sunday Evening Prayer with Hymn Service at Helen Porter, a service which had its origins 4 decades ago.  Contact Eric Davis 
  • The Loaves and Fishes subcommittee provides meals for those who have recently undergone surgery or who are recovering from illness.  Contact Marge Drexler 
  • Several times each year, the Pastoral Lay Ministry organizes a Homecoming Luncheon, inviting newcomers to the parish, as well as parishioners who have been unable to attend regular Sunday services due to caregiving needs or transportation issues.

Members of the Pastoral Lay Ministry meet on a quarterly basis. They must have completed Safe Church training before they may visit home-bound parishioners. If you are interested in this ministry or know someone who would appreciate a visit, please call the Parish Office, Annemarie Deering ( phone: 802.388.7200

Other Lay Ministries: There are a variety of other roles parishioners can play to support regular Sunday worship at St. Stephen’s: 

Lectors participate in Sunday worship services by reading the lessons appointed for that day. They also read lessons for special services. Being a lector requires skill and confidence in reading in public.  Interested?   Contact Rex Stratton. 


Intercessors lead the Prayers of the People during Eucharist To volunteer, please contact Rex Stratton.

Ushers extend a friendly welcome to parishioners and visitors at Sunday services. They pass alms plates and assist the congregation during communion. Ushers serve in teams and are also called upon to serve at funerals and special services.  If you are interested in serving as an usher, please contact Joe McVeigh. 

Acolytes and Crucifers
Acolytes lead processions as crucifix-bearers, take responsibility for lighting and extinguishing candles and assist priests and deacons in preparation for communion.  Interested?  Contact Rex Stratton.


Eucharistic Ministers 
Eucharistic Ministers administer the chalice at the celebration of the Holy Eucharist.  They also serve occasionally for weddings, funerals and other services. Training is required.  Interested? Please see one of our interim clergy team.

Altar Guild
The Altar Guild is comprised of volunteers who prepare for a minimum of three services per week. They clean the chancel, prepare the Eucharist, wash and iron linens and obtain and arrange flowers. They are also responsible for special services such as Baptisms, Weddings, and Memorial Services and for decorating the church for Christmas and Easter. They meet twice a year to polish silver and brass, exchange ideas, consume goodies, laugh and socialize.  Interested? Contact Rex Stratton or Barb Wood.