Simplicity, Silence, and Love- you are welcome to join us. 

We are a diverse group of all ages and faith traditions.  Our orientation is a Christian form of meditation/centering prayer, inspired by John Main and Laurence Freeman of the World Community for Christian Meditation who themselves were inspired by the contemplative practices of the Desert Fathers and Mothers.   Our mediators also include seekers and followers of other traditions–Buddhism, Quakerism, and Judaism.

In addition to our weekly meetings, the meditation group organizes retreats for St. Stephen’s and the larger community to support and deepen our contemplative practice.  These take place either locally or at Holy Cross Monastery in West Park, New York, for longer, three-day silent retreats. We gather together to support each other’s practices and faith journeys in the hope of creating a beloved community, beginning in simplicity, silence, and love,  and committed to peace and justice. 

All are invited to come: the weary, the curious, the doubtful, those searching for they know not what.  We will give you simple instruction and the space to fold into our group however you feel called.

Before the pandemic the  meditation group met on Thursdays, 4-4:45 pm, in the Upper Meeting Room at St. Stephen’s Church.

Currently (during the pandemic) the mediation group meets twice weekly via Zoom on Monday and Thursday from 4:00 to 4:45.   Use this Zoom link:  This Zoom meeting requires a password
The password is StStephen; capital S – t – capital S – t – e – p – h – e – n