Choir Members:   Zosha Andersson,  Irv Cummings,  Amy Hastings,
Dorothy Hayes,  Barney Hodges,  May Morris,  Michael Reeves,  Cathy Sontum,
Holly Stabler,   Sharon Tierra,  Tom Turley,  &  Virginia Westbrook
If you are interested in joining our choir Susanne Peck would be delighted to have you contact her. 

Excerpt from the Offertory Anthem 11/11/2018  Music Director – Suzanne Peck leads and sings with the St. Stephen’s Choir.  Additional videos of the choir singing, plus other musical clips can be found on our YouTube channel.


February 2, 2020 service of Choral Evensong

Thanks to all the singers, the clergy, and especially Susanne, George, & Fred for this beautiful service. Thanks to Peter for recording and Michael for making the file available as a podcast.

Follow along with the service bulletin:  Choral Evensong Bulletin 2-2-2020