Weddings, Baptisms, Funerals


The clergy of St Stephen’s are happy to assist you in the planning of your wedding. Your wedding is unique and we look forward to helping you make your ceremony special.

We believes in the sacrament of marriage and we are here to help you prepare not simply for your marriage ceremony but also for your married life. A series of pre-marital meetings are required for all couples seeking marriage.

Weddings at St Stephen’s are performed according to the rites and ceremonies of The Book of Common Prayer. We have a beautiful sanctuary and a glorious organ, making it the perfect wedding location. 

Please talk to a member of our Clergy before booking other elements of your marriage celebration.


Baptism is the sacrament of membership in the Christian church. St Stephen’s baptizes infants and adults, and those seeking baptism are encouraged to talk with the a member of the Clergy.

There are several special holy days for Baptism in the Church Year that are appropriate for baptism: The Easter Vigil, Pentecost, All Saints Day and the Baptism of Christ. Adults seeking baptism will also then be Confirmed by the Bishop during the Episcopal Visitation which occurs every two years.

Funerals and End of Life Planning

It is always appropriate for members of the Christian church to inform the next of kin and clergy of their wishes regarding the end of their life. Included in this section are several documents that we hope will help you begin the process of determining what your wishes are and start a conversation with your own loved ones about your wishes. Informing our loved ones of our wishes at the end of life can constitute a gift all its own; and each of us can try to give those we love, but can no longer see, the gift of carrying out their wishes. 

Being Prepared in the Time of COVID-19

Your Conversation Starter Kit

A Medical Directive

Preparing to Write Your Will

My Funeral Service – Burial Instructions

St. Stephen’s Columbarium

Additional information may also be found at The Episcopal Church in Vermont, including a webinar, “Fulfilling Your Wishes: End of Life Planning”